Offer independent Insights and Return on Experience

Since the creation of the firm, AVAIRX has supported the work of regional and national planning managers, decision-makers and investors in their transport mobility planning, using strategic studies aimed at implementing innovative and complex systems. Our consulting missions provide independent insights and return on experience, taking into account the planning and the urbanism projects at stake, domains where emerging systems directly impact transport hubs in cities, territories and their future developments.

Sharing our vision of the future

Communities, operators and emerging transport system operators benefit from our consulting services. We are directly associated with competitiveness studies for innovation clusters. We advise investment funds on financing and project development opportunities. We henceforth share our vision of the future and contribute to the evolution and improvement of mobility and transport offers as well as to the emergence of Smart Cities and the smart territories of tomorrow.

At the forefront and cohorting the avantgarde of emerging systems applications, from premium to public transit

During the past eight years, always at the forefront of premium services and transport operations, we find that the first electrical systems we tested are now recognized as an alternative solution to internal combustion engine vehicles. Our previous work has contributed to the development of autonomous vehicles by EasyMile, Navya and Olli by Local Motors which are now acknowledged as mobility solutions in transport program regulations around the world, notably in the United States, Europe, Singapore and China.

Fast pace technological transformation

Systems on which we intervene in our consulting services will enter into effective marketing and operations in the next decade, a time which is radically accelerated by a factor of 10 compared to the automobile, air and rail revolutions of the last century. These rapid technological transformation require to enter as early as possible into operational, commercial and digital infrastructure innovation phases. Finally, we apply the phrase “Practice What We Preach" by testing and providing, as soon as possible, feedback, return on experience and our strategic insights on emerging systems.

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