Putting users at the heart of innovation

Innovative mobility and transport systems are still experimental and require testing new technologies, but also new business models, new services that can be adopted by users and citizens. Like our approach for the TEVAC project, we place users / customers at the heart of innovation in order to ensure the future scalability of products and services.

Helping to understand innovative and emerging mobility systems

We support the ecosystem - start-ups, system developers, manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, system operators, transport operators, authorities, governments, investors - and territories to better understand innovative and emerging mobility systems. This is true, for example, for hybrid transport such as Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), autonomous pod solutions suspended and guided on a beam rail, or for autonomous public transport shuttles. This is true for the automobile, as for the air or the maritime and the fluvial systems with the launch of the first autonomous robot boats and the arrival of electric planes and drones named VTOL, Vertical Take Off and Landing. Our ambition: helping our clients transform innovation into business.

Planning and urban planning of mobility systems

To secure our role in the planning and urban planning of innovative and emerging mobility systems, to explore new frontiers, we continuously enrich our knowledge by monitoring, experimenting and applying systems of the future into innovative business models. There are many examples: electric vehicle charging service on public roads as a white lable; TNC ride hailing and sourcing on a public transport line, solutions of autonomous shuttles in suburban and rural territory or service offer with robot boats in an intermodal solution on a peninsula.

Design thinking for systems and services of the future

Our structured approach is derived and adapted from the Strategyzer® School's for design thinking methods. These tools allow us to fully include the users and customers at the heart of the development of the systems and services of the future. This allows rapid adoption of innovations and bridges customers-users, authorities and developers of innovative technology systems. All players, and in particular territories, users, technology solution companies and investors, are henceforth entering the learning curve quicker. They can grow faster by minimizing risk and maximizing their chances of success and profit.

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