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Strategic consulting

Our strategic consulting practice covers cutting-edge and innovative fields as well as R & D phases so that our clients fully appreciate the added value of emerging systems and technologies.

  • We help companies, start-ups, large corporations and administrations use new levers of service development and develop their activities.
  • We support managers and decision-makers: by intervening upstream of complex and multi-sectoral projects, we find and present innovative and applicable solutions according to a reliable technological calendar, to reach a early and lasting profitability. We define agile collaboration models that offer both a coherent holistic vision and the analysis of the stakeholders’ strategies.

Our consultants are experts in business development and marketing of emerging systems, in technology strategy for complex mobility projects. They also advise our clients in the implementation and execution of projects in the field, with your business teams.

Our clients are rapidly developing adaptation and adoption strategies to meet digitalization and automation challenges of emerging systems in all sectors.


Mobility & Transport Systems Specifications

The specification of mobility and transport systems covers analysis needs, benchmarking, the possibility of integrating or developing a new system and drafting the data necessary to the development of the operational transport system.

Our specialty is based on a detailed knowledge of the emerging systems of autonomous transport, ranging from the knowledge of the necessary components to automate a transport offer, the supply of a bill of material of the components, norms and standards to be used as well as the analysis of the use cases to propose a functional system that will meet the operational need.


Planning & urban planning

Emerging mobility and transport systems, autonomous vehicles, shared and sustainable logistics, electromobility, the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are all topics that impact territories in transport planning and urban planning, ranging from infrastructure with choices to be made with right partners to develop an attractive transport offer.

Our missions of diagnosis, analysis, benchmarking and definition of a transport offer are developed by our specialists of the Impacts practice of emerging mobility systems and territorial attractiveness. They help decision-makers better understand our methodologies based on:

  • data analysis,
  • understanding what is a stake,
  • flow and impact planning,
  • externalities,
  • the prospective analyzed according to realistic deadlines, studied according to levels of technological reliability,
  • action based on consultation and design,
  • business models of innovative mobility
  • and the actions to be taken to plan the transport offer

Our digital MIM platform allows us to generate scenarios for the use of autonomous and connected vehicles based on our feedback and our global monitoring system for autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles projects.



Our User Experience Design (UX) missions address the need to develop products that provide users with meaningful and relevant experience that allows the generation of additional revenue for our clients.

We implement our Operational Readyness and Application Transfer methodology which involves the design of the entire product acquisition and integration process, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

We use the Strategyzer® methods to go beyond the usual user interface design to put the customer user at the heart of our clients' projects


Project Management

With our experience and know-how in the development of electric and autonomous projects in France and worldwide, AVAIRX provides consulting services to public or private organizations wishing to engage in multi-sectoral sustainable mobility projects or intermodal projects including vehicles and Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

We advise our clients throughout their project in:

  • the description and definition of their needs,
  • the definition of the functional solution,
  • quality control of solutions and services,
  • the overall management of the project until the production of the results and the return on experience designed to answer the needs of continuous improvement.
  • Consulting and strategic advices located in-house at our customers facilities // Business development // project support // Feasibility study // Technological expertise

Market holistic analysis and regulation expertise // Project profitability analysis // Project financing // Drafting of specifications and support to reply to tenders // Identification of opportunities // Innovation // Development of disruptive business model


Change & digitization

Our ability to advise in the transformation process leverages our know-how in the digitization of transport, especially in automation and the impact that emerging systems can have on our customers' organizations in the short and long term.

We take advantage of this competence and the understanding of the organizational changes brought about by digitization, to translate them into a more global approach.

We assist our customers in understanding and adopting methods that optimize the use of digital resources to help them improve their business processes, reallocate budgets and understand which businesses will be impacted in the long term by emerging systems.

The implementation of our digital change support methods allows us to ensure that there is a real need for change. Through the realization of a diagnosis and an assessment, we propose a clear vision with a roadmap and KPIs, to which we associate a unifying and federating commitment of the impacted stakeholders.

To meet the transformation challenges, our MIM digital platform can generate scenarios for the use of autonomous and connected systems based on our return on experience and our global monitoring system for autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles projects. This solution is applicable to land, maritime, waterways and airborne domains.


Financing & partnerships

Thanks to our unique knowledge of the market stakeholders (local authorities, energy companies, EV and autonomous vehicle manufacturers, hotels, airlines, airports, railways, ports, Premium Islands), AVAIRX is able to identify the right project partners. Based on our clients’ needs and leveraging our network, we are able to reach the most relevant investors from different contexts in Europe, North America or Asia, among venture capitalists, private equity or family office investors.

We advise our clients in the preparation, formulation and research of financing and develop investment strategies both public (subsidies) and private (fundraising).

We advise our clients throughout their fundraising process, whether equity or debt. We generally focus on raising equity between 5 and 30 million euros.

We thus contribute to identifying and integrating partners (services to OEMs, mobility operators, charging station suppliers, robotics companies, utilities).

The objective of our team is to minimize the demand for time and to maximize the evaluation through a structured and controlled process with selected potential investors, from first contacts to the negotiation phase. We also advise our clients in skills and competences management and team building. AVAIRX thus aggregates rare skills on the market.

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