Research & Development

Evolving mobility patterns

To guarantee the success of the projects, AVAIRX relies on a network of skills, methods, and a unique and innovative know-how built on our understanding of the systems and territorial needs willing to change their mobility patterns. As a result, Mobility as a Service and innovative freight solutions are emerging as an opportunity for rural areas experiencing demographic or economic slowdown and, of course, for Smart Cities currently growing around the world. Their intersection with the application of the autonomous technology in the air, on land and at sea is one of the major challenges to be addressed by R & D.

Cybersecurity of autonomous vehicles

Our methodology and analysis systematically crosses opportunities and technical, operational, economic and financial feasibility. In particular, we contribute to cybersecurity research for autonomous public transit vehicles on sensitive sites. We also participate in the definition and application of autonomous vehicles in a suburban transport offer by leading a community of beta testers, future customers and users.

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