X for the eXperimental dimension and lab

Since its creation, AVAIRX cultivates its pioneering spirit and challenging, not giving in to the sirens of fashions. Who knows if the autonomous vehicle of tomorrow will be exclusively with an electric rechargeable battery? Why would an ethanol-based powered Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) solution as developed in Brazil be inappropriate in a given context in which hydrogen technology would be applied? Why implement a vast network of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, while smart cities' energy generation and highly localized storage solutions will quickly enable taxi and delivery vehicle fleets to be optimized. This X, eXperimental and laboratory, allows us to apply our know-how and skills to an infinity of applications to help mobility and transport stakeholders to enter the learning curve of new systems and accelerate this transformation.

Advise on the transversal application of autonomous technologies

Our work and advice now extends to land, sea and air, with the ambition to study and advise on the transversal application of autonomous technologies, shared and electrified in these new territories. Exploring new frontiers also includes supporting our customers in the development and use of blockchain technology applied to mobility, its processes and its multilevel ecosystem. The complex logistics, particularly of perishable goods integrating multiple points of sale in a complex urban environment, represents a project on which AVAIRX works and will offer its services as part of a European consortium developed at the initiative of the European Commission. AVAIRX headquarter is in Paris and our project MAGELLAN is accelerated at the Station F, the world's largest start-up incubator.

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