Airport Access Ideas Forum

The Airport Access Ideas forum is an interactive discussion forum designed to highlight the technological and behavioral changes in mobility and the key challenges that airports face in order to provide all users with landside access to and from airport and terminal infrastructure.

By dealing with questions of energy distribution network, baggage handling, digitization, turnover and profitability, behaviors and new uses of emerging systems or regulations, AVAIRX has revealed the major issues for the deployment of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles in airports:

  • testing intelligent communication systems, inter-vehicle communication networks and smart infrastructure to enable secure communication between vehicles, airport facilities, terminals and cargo / baggage handling;
  • identify the development fields of emerging systems for better access to airports in order to avoid the imbalance of current incomes (car parks and real estate)
  • develop partnerships to promote the development of MaaS, with the objective of preventing the risk of disintermediation of airports with their passenger customers and the risks of disruption of the ecosystem with airline customers.
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