Our airport clients

Our client
International airports are ultra-dynamic territories, welcoming millions of passengers and users every year. The major mobility transition offers a unique and fantastic opportunity for airport operators and their infrastructures to set up innovative transport systems and enrich their value proposition.
The challenge

Airports concentrate all mobility issues. Urban and industrial facilities, they must be effective in controlling their operations – Planes taking off and landing – and also integrate a context of profound transformation: increasing passenger traffic whose punctuality remains a major issue, logistics and security of food products that will be cargoed, evolution business models - all in a total control of safety and security for people, facilities, ground handling and the airspace...

When it comes to mobility and transport, major airport hubs offer unvaluable territories to test new complex systems. In this respect, AVAIRX advised and supported 7 airports, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly, Sheremetievo Moscow Airport with ADPi, Changi Airport in Singapore and Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport.

Our solution

Present in the airport business through various missions over the past eight years, AVAIRX experts have the ability to understand and analyze airport mobility and transport needs by taking into account all issues that these platforms have to face. They are able to offer a holistic vision - the development of an emerging and innovative mobility systems roadmap - to the analysis of very specific needs, such as the implementation of a given transport system.

This knowledge of the environment and airport constraints is applied to both the landside (city side) and airside (runways and aprons).

AVAIRX's expertise at the service of airport stakeholders

  • Intermodal mobility studies
  • Economic, strategic and feasibility studies
  • Autonomous vehicles Field Operational Trials and integrations
  • Benchmark of emerging mobility solutions
  • Demonstration projects
  • MaaS applications
  • Autonomous cable and overhead systems
  • Intelligent Vehicles and Automated Transport I-CTS (Cooperative Transport Systems)
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