Building your Resilience Plan : Training & Workshops Material

Published on 06 May 2020

Building your Resilience Plan : Training & Workshops Material

Building your Resilience Plan : Training & Workshops Material

A Training dedicated to :

  • Prepare, structure and have your RESILIENCE PLAN ready and rolled-out within your organization. You will prepare your critical processes, bringing your team and partners onboard to anticipate, absorb and recover from a crisis towards a more sustainable future. Your plan will be shared by your team, based on consensus, and established in your organization and company. It will allow better and faster recovery from disasters and disruption, such as the COVID19 pandemic
  • Anticipate future changes, evolutions during and after a disaster in order to develop your resilience to recover faster and avoid losses. You will learn how to size and appreciate the scope a disaster may have and the efforts you will need to take to recover
  • Learn about actions to take, interactivities and interdependence of processes to make them more robust and learn more about common workplace hazards. Educate your team to cooperate, communicate and establish a joint resilience plan throughout an online design-thinking approach, tailor-made and individualized to your organization and company for critical leadership
  • Use 3 online workshops to prepare your resilience plan for on-site deployment, you will build your resilience plan with the 2 essential precepts : Communication and Collaboration. You will learn about processes, risks and emergency planning
  • Thanks to the AVAIRX RESILIENCE PLAN methodology based on the 8 principles of resilience, you and your team will use the AVAIRX RESILIENCE CARDS©️ to draw your plan online and then be able to use it, share it or print it according to your needs

More than agility, your resilience plan support you in maintaining operations, absorb, recover from and more successfully adapt to adverse events such as COVID19

Pre- and post-disaster recovery activities offer unique opportunities to reduce current and future risks

A successful recovery process engages in a rigorous assessment and understanding of community risks that might endanger or pose additional recovery challenges. Resilience is the ability to prepare for and adapt to changing conditions and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. Resilience includes the ability to withstand and recover from deliberate attacks, accidents, or naturally occurring threats or incidents. Your Mitigation, Recovery, and Protection process areas should focus on your systems to increase resilience. Cross-disciplinary and processes integration activities, such as planning, are essential to ensuring that risk avoidance and risk reduction actions are taken during your recovery process. Pre- and post-disaster recovery efforts can be leveraged to implement solutions that will increase your organizations resilience in the economic, resources, infrastructure, health (including behavioral team and staff health), social services, government support agencies and services to call upon.

A much harder disruption will always occur, and new opportunities will arise

Companies can capitalize on opportunities during rebuilding to support their sustainability goals such as laying foundations for future growth; developing new processes, finding new supply-chain partners, developing new resilient infrastructure, transform and digitalize services and offers, shifting energy choices, improving their value proposition, use new business models to strengthen their economic competitiveness, expanding customer reach thanks to the internet and digital services, and enhancing staff comfort, health and safety at work. The process of pre-disaster planning can help build capacity, increase resilience and sustainability by taking a deliberate look at physical, continuity of operations, environmental, societal risks and opportunities prior to an incident such as the COVID19 lockdowns and supply chains disruptions. Well-planned, inclusive, coordinated, and executed solutions can build capacity, capability and enable your company to prepare for the future. 

Working your way out and recover faster

Thanks to your resilience plan, you will :

  • Be Prepared
  • Be able and capable to take actions
  • Understand short, intermediate and long-term recovery processes
  • Increase your team’s preparedness and readiness for future recovery efforts

As you will be studying, learning with your team, you will identify critical activities. This includes the stakeholders and their links in your ecosystem, from emergency services and first responders to planners and strategic teams, securing your assets and systems


  • A fully digitalized approach, with 8 downloadable cards, independent of the training workshops (The 8 AVAIRX resilience cards©️ are offered to clients booking the 3 workshops)
  • 2 essential precepts and 8 key principles to use, share and design your resilience plan, usable online or printed afterwards to share in your organization and company
  • A design-thinking approach to make sure your plan is shared, communicated and exercised to maximize your resilience
  • 3 online training workshops (or in face-to-face in selected venues) :
    1. Defining resilience and your plan, structuring your own resilience plan with the AVAIRX RESILIENCE WHEEL©️ and FLOW CHARTS
    2. Developing your resilience plan according to the 8 principles
    3. Exercising and securing your resilience plan with communication and collaboration
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8.9 Mo
May 2020
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