Published on 14 July 2021



A report dedicated to

  • Preparing your CES 2022 visit and attendance 
  • Presenting statistics about the CES 2021 audience, the most talked about companies, topics, and innovations
  • Presenting the latest technologies, innovations, and stakeholders worldwide
  • Introducing new businesses and start-ups and their innovations that are needed to tackle global challenges
  • Identifying and analyzing trends presented at CES 2021 based on the innovation awards, sessions of this 2020 year-round digital event, and comparisons with previous years
  • Providing insights on the market growth for each of the categories highlighted in the CES 2021 report including digital health, digital transformation, vehicle technology, home entertainment, working and learning from home, robotics and drones, and smart cities
  • Providing insights on the impact of COVID-19 on technologies and innovations, and how companies are approaching this global challenge
  • Identifying the dynamics of the ecosystem and the inter-dependability of all the categories discussed in the report
  • Identifying areas where research efforts and investments are needed for the realization of a better, more sustainable and more resilient future
  • Providing tips on what innovations to expect and follow in the upcoming years

Over a 100 pages, the report provides insights on the latest innovations and technologies of 175 companies (/R&D centers) from around the world

Transformation provided from CES are already happening

From health, education to automatisation, via electrification and miniaturization, transformation is underway.

Value propositions and Business models in rapid transformation 

For the transport sector, plateformization is taken place for a number of stakeholders, not only inspired and catching up with with Tesla but also in the retail industry, the user experience and how to access a new addressable market accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis  


The AVAIRX CES 2021 report provides insights on:

  • The latest technologies and their main use cases/applications
  • Top companies, countries, and innovation categories according to the number of innovation awards
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on innovation and the tech world
  • The key elements and accelerators of each category discussed in the report
  • Growths and setbacks as experienced by certain industries due to COVID-19 and the current trends
  • The future of smart cities and the connected ecosystem, and the required levers to achieve that
  • Market sizes and expected growth of the discussed industries
  • Top players/stakeholders for tech category
  • Human habit shifts and the relationship between human beings and technology
  • Existing infrastructure that can be used to deploy current and future innovations (cloud, supercomputers…)
  • The role of technology to build resilience and to achieve sustainability goals
  • Comparisons between two or more companies/cities/countries that are working on the same problem to identify the differences in their approach
  • Key trends for every innovation/tech category mentioned (automation, connectivity, electrification…)
  • Energy savings in applications when renewable energy sources are deployed (solar electric vehicles…)
  • Development stages of innovation (testing of electric vehicles in the United States…)
  • Challenges that can hinder the roll-out of innovations
  • Recent collaborations between companies and innovations that aim at accelerating innovation
  • Technologies and devices specifications and performance

Besides the research and analysis value that this report entails, it is also a summary of CES 2021 in preparation for CES 2022 and future tech/business developments.

Report Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. CES in Numbers
  3. CES 2021 Mentions
  4. Most Talked About Topics
  5. Most Talked About Brands & Top Startups
  6. Most Tweeted
  7. CES 2021 "Best of Innovation Awards"
    • Insights and Trends
  8. CES 2021 Innovation Awards
    • Innovation Awards by Category
    • Innovation Awards by Company
    • Innovation Awards by Country
  9. CES 2021 Key Trends
    • Digital Health
      • Tech from a Diversity of Innovators tackling COVID19
      • Purpose, Accelerators, and Elements
      • Digital Health at CES 2021
      • Digital Health Market and the Future of Healthcare
    • Digital Transformation
      • The Growth of a Parallel Digital Dimension
      • Enablers, Applications, and CES 2021 Insights
      • Digital Transformation Enablers at CES 2021
    • Vehicle Technology
      • Electric Vehicles and Battery Technology
      • Solar Electric Vehicles
      • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
      • Battery Electric Vehicles Vs. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
      • Automation and Autonomous Vehicles
      • Urban and Advanced Air Mobility
      • User Experience
    • Home Entertainment
      • Home Entertainment Trends at CES 2021
      • Home Entertainment at CES 2021
    • Working and Learning from Home
      • Robotics and Early Childhood Education
      • Voice Assistants
      • Virtual Reality for Education
      • Remote Assessment Using AI
      • The Intersection of HR and Technology
      • Enterprise Laptops for Remote Work
    • Robotics and drones
      • Most Robotized Regions and Countries
      • Human Assistive Services
      • Robotic Guidance
      • Autonomous Robotics
    • Smart Cities
      • Elements of a Smart City and the Smartest Cities
      • Top 20 Smart Cities in the World
      • Toyota’s Woven City
      • Las Vegas Becoming Smarter
      • Smart Cities and Answers at CES 2021
      • Innovations from Bosch
      • Innovations from Schneider Electric
      • Smart City and Trends

1MORE, Advanced Micro Devices, Air Liquide, Airthings, Alphabet, Alstom, Amazon, Amorepacific, Anker Innovations, APCOA Parking, Apple Siri, Archer, Argo AI, LLC, Arlo Technologies, ASUS, Atos, Audi, Aurora Innovation, Bedrock Detroit, Beep, BioIntelliSense, Bionic Hive, Bosch, Bosch eBike Systems, Bosch Sensortec GmbH, Brunswick Corporation, Cadent, Cadillac, Chengdu XGIMI Technology Co., Chevrolet, ChiliSleep, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Continental Automotive Systems, Cray, CVS Health, Dell Technologies, D-Link, DocuSign, E2IP TECHNOLOGIES, Ekin Smart City Technologies, Embark Trucks, Engie, Epsy, Equinor, Examd, Facebook, FCA US, Ford, Fugaku, Gasunie, Gatik AI, General Motors, Google, Harman International Industries, Honda, HP, HSBC Bank, Hummer, Hyperion, Hyundai, IBM, iHeartMedia, Imverse, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Indy Autonomous Challenge, Inovyn, Intel Corporation, Iwatani, JHyM, JLab Audio, John Deere, Johnson Matthey, KanDao Technology Co., Kawasaki, Kensington Computer Products Group, Kenworth, Khan Academy, Kodiak Robotics, Kogas, La French Tech, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Linkedin, LiveArea, LKAB, LM Industries, LNVG, L'Oréal, LUX Lab Inc. / Hanyang University, Lyft, M2S, Magna International, Mark Levinson, Marubeni, May Mobility, Mercedes-Benz, Microduino, Microsoft Corp., Moen Incorporated, Mojo Vision, Motional AD, MSI Computer, National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering & Technology (NRCPC), National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), NAVYA, Nel Hydrogen, NETGEAR, Northern Gas Networks, NTT Data, Nuro Inc., Nvidia Corp., Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), OrCam Technologies, Origin Wireless, OV Loop, OWC, Owl Labs, Philips, Pinterest, Pioneer, Pixminds, Progressive Energy, ProMare, Raythink, Razer USA, Robosen, Robotic Research, ROLI, ROYBI, Saint Laurent Paris, Salesforce, Samsung Electronics, Satisfyer, Schell Games, Schneider Electric, Segway-Ninebot, Shell, Shenzhen Airsmart Technology Co., SKmagic, Skydio, Softbank, Sono Motors, Sony Electronics, Spatial, SSAB, Starship, STEER Tech, Storengy, Sttutgart Airport, Tencent, Tesla, The Chamberlain Group, The Linde Group, Tiktok, Toyota, TP-Link, TuSimple, Twilio, Twitch, Uber Advanced Technologies Group, UBTECH, UPS, Valeo North America, Vanguard Industries, Vaonis, Vattenfall, Vayyar Imaging, Verizon, Voiceitt, Waymo, Wing, Xandar Kardian, Yandex, Y-Brush, YouTube

Technical sheet
100 pages
33.2 Mo
July 2021
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