AVAIRX closely follows the evolution of the start-up Supraways and its development. As the true fifth element of emerging systems, Supraways offers an automated, efficient and environmentally friendly urban passenger and freight transportation system on a dedicated supra aerial infrastructure. The Supras (System for Urban Personalized Rapid and Autonomous transit) are electric powered autonomous and beam-suspended vehicles. They can accommodate between 7 and 9 seated passengers or - in other configurations - goods or waste.

This revolutionary mode of transport offers an alternative solution for transfer to major public transport stations (railway stations, airports, multi-modal hubs, etc.). Supraways is the missing link in the transport offer for suburban areas and for interurban connections. Cities, that have been designed with car-sprawling infrastructure whose budgets and spaces do not allow for the integration of tram and streetcar lines, could see in Supraways a tool for sustainable development of their territory, taking advantage of public supra aerial corridors

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