PlugGo Mobility Brasil

The most beautiful things come to those who know how to seize opportunities ... BMW is then looking for electrocompatible cities to market its new electric vehicle, the BMW i3, in connection with innovative mobility services such as PlugGo Mobility which associated carsharing and premium services with the first electric vehicles. AVAIRX identifies an exceptional potential in the megacity of São Paulo and designs a totally innovative mobility service for the time (we were in 2014).

Our client
PlugGo Mobility Brasil
The challenge

Identify pilot cities to deploy the PlugGo Mobility service in partnership with BMWi

Our approach

The creation of an innovative and premium business model in São Paulo
PlugGo Mobility SA (AVAIRX joint venture subsidiary) was created to develop an innovative and ultra-premium shared mobility concept for luxury shopping centers in São Paulo. PlugGo mobility offer was based on the combination of electric vehicles in carsharing and a high-end valet service that freed users from any constraint. An application allows you to book your vehicle and manage your reservation with a click. The valet greets the customer at the entrance of the mall and parks his vehicle. Thanks to the "Drop and Go" service, the vehicle can be left in a car park or in the street where the valet comes looking for it. A forerunner service at the avantgarde of sustainable mobility solutions.

And now

A strategic consulting structure dedicated to the development of innovative and emerging transport in Latin America

This project, developed in partnership with BMW do Brasil and ALD Automotive, has since evolved into a strategic consulting and change management firm to electrify, automate and share transport systems in Brazil and, more broadly, in Latin America. PlugGo Mobility has thus been involved in several innovative mobility missions, such as the electrification vehicles in islands, the sharing of delivery trucks and the support of a car-sharing project built around electric vehicles.

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