TEVAC - Territory for Experimenting Vehicles Autonomous and Connected - is an ambitious project which objective was to bring together key succes factors to make the Seine Valley an experimentation environment for autonomous and connected vehicles, applied to land and maritime domain for passenger and freight transport applications. This project was launched in 2017 as part of the Interregional State-Regions Seine Valley contract in France. It followed a call for "Environmental transition and economic valorization" issued by the Île-de-France and Normandy regions in partnership with the French Environment & Energy Management Agency for Climate change – ADEME.

Our client
The challenge

Create the conditions of success to make the Seine Valley a territory of experimentation for autonomous and connected vehicles.

Our solution

Federate stakeholders, position the Seine Valley, develop new value propositions for autonomous vehicles and propose success factors of future trials
Our first mission - early 2017 – produced a state-of-the-art worldwide panorama of autonomous vehicle trials and conducted a census of existing autonomous vehicles trials in the world. We also mapped the Seine Valley stakeholders who work on autonomous vehicle development. This study also allowed for a better understanding and identification of the interests and needs of local authorities as well as make a precise diagnosis of the industry and research organizations needs.

This first stage of the project laid the foundations for the second one, which objective was to carry out an in-depth analysis, by identifying successful use cases, the precise diagnosis of the technological components to be mustered, the identification of the territories where to carry out trial, needs and possible fleets of vehicles or communities of beta testers. It focused on qualifying and quantifying the economic, human (stakeholder competences) and environmental externalities of the autonomous vehicle.


Development of a corridor for Field Operational Tests, launch of two autonomous systems trials projects and greater awareness for a stronger territorial responsibility
This approach highlighted the responsibility of territories in the implementation of mobility systems. The project shifted from an industrial objective - the autonomous electric vehicle - towards a political and attractiveness project which invites to rethink mobility within territories in the perspective where 80% of the world population will live in urban and suburban areas by 2050. The technological barriers but also human (acceptability and adoption of emerging systems), legal or insurance topics remain to be lifted.

TEVAC has also enabled two very innovative projects.

  • The NIMFEA project was selected among the 26 winning projects of the ADEME TENMOD Call, which favors the implementation of sustainable low impact mobility projects in low density, rural and mountain areas for all users, innovative in terms of technical and / or societal and / or a governance point of view within projects already developed in the territory, in order to answer a local need. To support the Seine Normandie Municipality, AVAIRX allowed NIMFEA to bring together several partners including Transdev, which will be the operator of the experimental transport system, and the MOVEO cluster and the municipality.
  • On December 18th, 2018, the mayor of Caen la Mer announced the launch of the NEAC autonomous robot boat project, and Electric Autonomous Shuttle boat on the peninsula channel of Caen la Mer. Not only intended to design an autonomous boat shuttle, the project will also coordinate NORLANDA's local ecosystem of excellence, industrialize vessels and offer an innovative and inclusive mobility solution in the newly designed Caen peninsula. AVAIRX is piloting the work packages of the consortium. We are conducting the feasibility studies, the use case definitions, systems specifications according to the autonomous system limits of use, as well as the management of the early adoption studies.
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