AVAIRX Official Partner of eVTOL project TALARIA AERO

AVAIRX Official Partner of eVTOL project TALARIA AERO

With its expertise in the field of emerging and unconventional systems in land, sea and air applications, closely linked to our commitment to research and training of students, AVAIRX supports and becomes an official partner of the eVTOL TALARIA AERO project. TALARIA is developed by a team of more than 30 highly specialized international students from several faculties of the TU Delft Technical University in the Netherlands.

The objective of the project is to develop a functional prototype of an innovative personal flying device and to lead a revolution in the aviation sector. With bright students from aerospace, mechanical, electrical engineering, industrial design and applied earth sciences, the team, with more than 45 partners, is making astounding breakthroughs in the new dimension of Urban Air Mobility called UAM.

In this partnership, AVAIRX offers specialized mentoring, its expertise in project development to the general public, early adopters, beta testers and renowned international partners, support for TALARIA's marketing positioning, the development of future perspectives and the project valorization. Once again, AVAIRX confirms its ambition and our leading position in the field, contributing to the emergence of new and future transport systems.

More information on TALARIA by clicking here TALARIA

TALARIA competes to the Go Fly challenge, a USD $2 million international competition sponsored by Boeing. Go Fly calls on the world’s greatest thinkers, designers, engineers and inventors around the world to achieve the impossible.

More information on Go Fly by clicking here: Go Fly

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