Introducing SQUIRALL, the world's first Sustainable Mobility Hub Configurator

Introducing SQUIRALL, the world's first Sustainable Mobility Hub Configurator

Following 24 months of R&D, building upon 10-years return on experience, trials and partnerships, AVAIRX introduces a groundbreaking new product, SQUIRALL®️

Inspired by biomimicry and the need to provide sustainable and affordable mobility solutions for a wide array of applications, SQUIRALL®️ is designed to identify, analyze and provide guidance to decision- and policy-makers. SQUIRALL®️ new services offer the possibility to analyze a territory, and virtually any kind of geographic area, wherein a variety of transport and logistic modes operate. Calculating how sustainable modal shifts contribute to reducing environmental impacts of transport, SQUIRALL®️ allows users to define a combined mobility business model, visualize the value of emissions impacts, act on them, and open-up to carbon credit opportunities.  

Pronounced "squirel" skwər(ə)l as the animal, SQUIRALL®️ is a name derived from AVAIRX experience in serving both high-end mobility solutions for UHNWI, and more affordable and frugal transport for underprivileged populations, securing access to sustainable mobility innovation for the broadest possible demographic. Being a digital native, the name combines the services of a digital ESQUIRE, providing sustainable opportunities to mobility for ALL people, and ultimately, as many transport modes as possible. 

In 2022, SQUIRALL®️ has entered into an exclusive beta testing phase with the urban planning agency Euroméditerranée. SQUIRALL®️ enters its maiden service to support the design of a whole new Mobility Hub in the Les Fabriques district of Marseille. The mobility and logistic services are planned to provide a broad mobility coverage for the districts residents and visitors of the district, preparing to connect innovation and Mobility Services Providers (MSPs) with the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis Mobility as a Service (MaaS) project.

Created in 1995, the Euroméditerranée agency is developing Europe's largest urban development programme with 480 hectares in the city of Marseille. Rated as an Operation of National Interest, with European reach with the Mediterranean sea borders, Euroméditerranée aims at :
- Improving the quality of life (improving housing and public spaces, local services and facilities)
- Urban planning and development (designing and implementing major urban transformations)
- Property development (planning and setting up operations)
- Economic development and employment (marketing research on accommodating businesses and investors).

In early 2022, Euroméditerranée was among 9 winners of the French Future Investment Plan to support and invest in the "Future City Demonstrator". With a first investment of Euro 500€ millions over a 36-months period, the Future City Demonstrator project will later benefit from the French Government's support to execute innovative projects. More information can be found here

SQUIRALL is planned for broader availability worldwide within the next 16 months. 

For more information and the press media kit about SQUIRALL, write to

Paris, Thursday, January 20th, 2022


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