New jobs in mobility

New jobs in mobility

On Wednesday March 20th, 2019, our CEO, Manuel Chaufrein, will present one of the future jobs that has been driving AVAIRX's teams since our creation in 2012: Planner and urban planner of emerging autonomous transportation systems.

This meetup is organized by Edfab of the Capdigital Cluster, the first cluster of French competitiveness.

The event will allow participants to learn, to meet new players of the future, to prepare to experiment and to discover new job opportunities.

Manuel Chaufrein will discuss the major transformation in the future of transport and present the activities and business of AVAIRX's planning engineers who are currently answering the challenges of several territories and stakeholders in the emerging transport ecosystem around the world.

The venue will take place at

the Blablacar head office,
6 rue Menars, in the 2nd arrondissement, in the heart of Paris.

To register for the conference: Registration

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