AVAIRX at IAA 2019 Frankfurt

One week before the 2019 Frankfurt Motorshow #IAA !

The AVAIRX team will be present at the IAA, starting our coverage from Tuesday 10th from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for live updates and our strategic insights on what is shaping the future of mobility, from electrification, fuel cells, climate change, new investments, digitalization, connectivity, TMaaS, women empowerment in mobility and international trade rules with highly innovative start-ups and new business models. We have few more open slots for meeting with our CEO on Tuesday 10th from 14:00 to 16:00, to book a meeting, reach out via mail at  or ping Manuel Chaufrein while at the show. We’re looking forward to the next e-Volution with IAA. @iaamesse @AVAIR_X

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