Our system providers clients

The challenge

Understand the prospective approach of marketing innovative systems

From OEMs and Tiers One parts manufacturers to autonomous vehicle system developers and digital mobility platforms, our clients face a complex market in which technological breakthroughs are commercialized before regulation and governments have taken the full scale of changes and future transformations.

Our clients thus need consultants able to understand the prospective approach of marketing, in preparation for fundraising, experimentation, demonstration, by improving solutions and products and by supporting territories of applications where technologies will be applied to increase the attractiveness and adoption of emerging systems.

Our mission

We offer market research and benchmarking missions to define an appropriate positioning, able to support our clients expected growth. We can deploy strategies covering the product life cycle improvement to the development of partnerships and strategic alliances between stakeholders and with territories.

Our missions then cover:

  • technological, economic and financial market and benchmarking studies;
  • studies of stakeholers' strategies and decryption of intentions (weak signals and analysis of intellectual and industrial property);
  • platform and bridging strategies in a digitized disrupted market;
  • Cross-functional studies of core business technologies and scalable to other business sectors;
  • the co-creation and design thinking process to develop new business models to generate sustained activity;
  • creating internal and external communities of beta testers;
  • the creation of communities of interest;
  • support for the development, signing and implementation of strategic partnerships;
  • marketing support (regulatory, legal and insurance analysis);
  • support for early strategic marketing to acculturate the administrative, operational and application areas of our customers' technologies;
  • assistance in replying to request for information and request for proposal, tenders.

After eight years of operations, AVAIRX has several growing customers, among which ...

  • An OEM has expanded its public charging infrastructure network to create a joint venture with one of its competitors.
  • Autonomous vehicle system developers can now offer and market their autonomous shuttles on the open road, with adapted legislation.
  • A Tier 1 automotive supplier has developed a worldwide Autonomous Transport Community of Interest.
  • A public transport operator can now study autonomous road systems in addition to its current offer, in order to better anticipate the risks of disruption and disintermediation.
  • A Specialty vehicle manufacturer builds strategic partnerships with entertainment majors around the world.
  • A digital mobility platform concentrates its activities in specific markets following our focus recommendations, facing an unfavorable economic and legal context despite strong revenue potential.
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