Our utility & industrial clients

The challenge

Convert the challenges of today's world into opportunities

Utility and industrial companies around the world face increased competition, limited government subsidies, increasingly restrictive regulations on pollutant emissions, unsubscribing and disintermediation of their historical customers, and technological changes brought about by digitization, distributed and managed objects in IoT Edge computing, or the electric, autonomous, connected and shared vehicle.

How to convert these challenges into opportunities by leveraging their business, developing new offers and business models, while enhancing their value proposition and expanding their customer base?

Our mission

Helping you to grow in a new ecosystem of emerging mobility systems

AVAIRX helps its clients grow into a new ecosystem of emerging mobility systems. We have worked on several projects in the renewable energy sectors dedicated to the charging of electric vehicles and the development of new opportunities for industrial players who wish to benefit from them. Our utility and industrial customers have a great diversity of issues, which allows us to identify emerging business models that can be transversally applied by securing and extending existing product offerings to new services.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work on P2P shared charging infrastructure network for electric vehicle projects, energy procurement for new energy providers entering deregulated markets, communities of interest to develop partnerships in the autonomous and shared mobility market, or the development of new services for pharmaceutical companies in the emerging mobility systems sector.

Our consultants support our clients in improving their performance across the value chain by providing unique expertise in the emerging and innovative transportation systems sector. Built on a unique return and field-proven experience, we advise our customers in the development of new capabilities to improve operational performance, enter a learning curve and fully benefit from these emerging systems.

Value chain intervention and scope of AVAIRX services

  • Evaluate macro and sectoral trends, decipher them and define their impacts and externalities.
  • Develop and implement new business models, such as extended services to a pharmaceutical offering, or assist a distribution company to enter the market for emerging mobility systems through the autonomous, connected and shared vehicles.
  • Identify the right level of vertical integration.
  • Deal with platform digitization and disintermediation.
  • Maintain and expand customer base with superior customer service and experience through an omni-channel approach.
  • Increase the attractiveness and social adoption of new services

In a world in continuous transformation, AVAIRX has helped define and launch new innovative EV charging offers, at national and international level, through unique initiatives, combining innovative transportation services with cost-effective and more affordable energy services, favoring a sustainable energy mix for the end customer. One of our clients switched from a B2B electricity supplier to a P2P network charging service provider.

In a world of systemic uncertainty, our clients have been able to make the right decisions and make the right investments to seize new opportunities and launch innovative offers. They maintain their leadership in their historical market and enter the new market of emerging mobility systems with remarkable strengths, built on our expertise, our know-how and return on experience.

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