Season 1: Acceptance of Emerging and Non-Conventional Systems Episode 2: HUMANS & AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES, what CRITERIA for MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE in the FUTURE?   “STRAIGHT UP TALKS with AVAIRX” is a series of avant-garde webinars made possible as a...

Autonomous shuttles: the test of social acceptance, Manuel Chaufrein in the magazine Préventique of July 2019

Find out more in the article by Manuel Chaufrein "Autonomous shuttles: the test of social acceptance" in the Mobility and Territories special edition of the magazine Préventique of July 2019

SESNA Project

The SESNA project is a French national R & D project on autonomous vehicles financed by BPI France and the Ile-de-France region. RATP, CEA, Bureau Veritas, Sherpa Engineering, EasyMile and BMCP are the consortium partners. The project objectives are...
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