COVID-19 Impacts Survey Results : 8 Industries Impacts & Severity

COVID-19 Impacts Survey Results : 8 Industries Impacts & Severity

In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic in early 2020, AVAIRX launched a survey of over 3000 C-Level decision-makers and innovation managers in the transportation industry to take the pulse of the sector during 2 months and find out what impacts had the highest severity. 

Results outline 8 industries, with major impacts felt first by the automotive industry, second the tourism and travel, third the overall transport collateral ecosystem and fourth the airport retail industry.

Severity of these impacts show various levels of concern with new opportunities and trends for pivoting or investing in new businesses such as the experiencial sector.

From this survey, AVAIRX matched some suggested steps to take, helping clients to anticipate resilience plans and training companies’ staff with a methodology towards new business models and platformization.

The results and the executive summary can be found on our Linkedin page. Clients interested to engage further and build their resililence plans are invited to join our Slack Channel #anticipate. They will access AVAIRX resilience plans training and workshops to overcome COVID19. Further information can also be requested via email writing to .

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