OpenIDEO Paris Chapter : the Sustainable Development Challenge has been launched!

OpenIDEO Paris Chapter : the Sustainable Development Challenge has been launched!

Following up on our 2019 Design Thinking community initiatives applied to peaceful transportation systems, AVAIRX joined the global OpenIDEO community, teaming up the OpenIDEO Paris Chapter. With 6 other mentors, our CEO, Manuel Chaufrein, is supporting a group of 30 volunteer-designers in the Sustainable Development team. 

Their mission : address one of the World’s greatest challenge, "Changing Habits". As climate change impacts are felt harsher, the COVID19 being one of its most recent flare-ups linked to human activities, they’ve undertaken actions to muster additional volunteers to answer the OpenIDEO Challenge.

They teamed up drawing on 4 observations:

  1. Citizens feel more and more concerned with climate change while being exposed to an increasing amount of injunctions, asking them to minimize their environmental footprint
  2. With the current system constraints in which many people are, achieving carbon neutrality is an endeavor close to a full-time job
  3. Faced with the difficulty of responding to these injunctions, more and more people feel overwhelmed by guilt, judged by their peers and paralyzed by a feeling of helplessness, as evidenced by the growing syndrome of eco-anxiety.
  4. Industrial systems structure lifestyles (transport, food, retail, etc.), they can supercharge, or on the contrary, delay the adoption of sustainable living

Calling on new volonteers, they have decided to co-create solutions to support industrial systems structuring our lifestyles, helping them favor sustainable practices and habits among citizens. 

The kick-off event took place on April 23rd. Our next steps, invite attendants to participate to an online event to learn more about Climate Change through a collage, use new tools and methods to address challenges. Participants will play a serious game during which they will retrace and co-create the IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reasoning. Over the session, they will discover, learn about opportunities, challenges and changes ahead. This first step will allow participants to improve their own engagement, helping them to enter into outcome-based design of sustainable habits.

More information can also be found on Linkedin page as well as downloadable here

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