Our investor clients

The challenge

Be informed about investment prospects in future sectors

Our clients are looking for new products and services that fit their investment strategy and that are consistent with them. They must rely on independent advice and information on market trends and risks that may affect their portfolios.

Our mission

Advise investors through independent analysis, studies and strategic consulting

AVAIRX provides products analysis, advice and an investment planning strategy. Our consultants work in expertise to formulate investment strategies in pre-deals and post-deals. We thus cover the due diligence process with legal, social and accounting studies and audits, market studies, medium-term prospective studies, benchmarks and state-of-the-art panoramas.

In pre-deal, we focus on 4 specific studies:

  • Governance audit. We study the strengths and weaknesses of the various decision-making and information bodies within the target company in order to better understand the risks and weaknesses of the target's governance.
  • The business plan. Built on a market research, we analyze it to appreciate the integrity and the veracity of the provided information made available by companies. We engage into a decyphering approach to establish a realistic understanding of the know-how and capabilities of the target company by crossing them with its ambitions. Our historical presence in the sector and our return on experience allows us to quickly identify emerging candidates with high potential against innovative players but at the end of their life cycle, in a rapidly changing market, both from a technological point of view and from business models.
  • Analysis of reportings and dashboards. We analyze sources, the coherence and the homogeneity of the data to support the analysis and to propose recommendations.
  • Analysis of information systems. We value the information systems of the target in relation to state-of-the-art benchmarks and the costs that this function represents. In particular, we propose a methodology for analyzing the platform's products and services in order to study its opportunities and risks by proposing a matrix to maximize opportunities at 4/5 years.

Our post-deal offer answers the need of the company’s management and the transformation projects following the arrival of newly injected capital of our investor clients.

We propose a pack that covers:

  • The implementation of indicators and management tools: this approach stems from our clients’ needs and the observation of insufficiencies during due diligence and pre-deal analyzes.
  • Improved working capital requirements (cashflow). We put in place new processes and management rules to develop sales, reduce inventories, adopt a marketing strategy based on outstanding customer experience and customer relationship management as well as a partnership strategy with suppliers to improve sourcing and to reduce production cost and marketing.
  • The development of cash monitoring tools thanks to improved processes.

Our work thus allows the emergence of projects for the transformation of the target company with sometimes total mergers and / or absorptions of an activity / entity during a build up or concentration on a transversely applicable technology, such as autonomous technology.

Information systems change projects such as the implementation of a platform, hypervision solutions or commons proposed by majors is part of our offer to improve productivity and change the organization to respond to the areas of growth and profitability sought.


We have investment strategies in several start-ups active in autonomous and electric mobility (autonomous vehicles, supervision systems, autonomous vehicle test tracks, digital infrastructure ITS and C-V2X) as well as in new transport systems such as supra-aerial PRT systems, individual micromobility vehicles and digital mobility platforms.

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